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This section of the web site will recap previous meetings and any discussion that was raised at these meetings or since that time. This will give the membership time to digest what was brought up and then pose any questions, comments, or suggestions. It will also have downloadable files of any pertinent program material presented at these meetings.

RARC Meeting October 22, 2020

The last regularly scheduled meeting of 2020 for the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was held on October 22nd via Zoom. We had six members and two guests, Patrick Hall KO4HEX and a young man from Martin TN named Benjamin. Benjamin has been listening to a lot of short wave stations and is very interested in amateur radio.

Noel KJ4UNX reviewed the financial report and the old business from last month.

Noel KJ4UNX started the new business with the refreshment schedule for 2021. It will be the same as in 2020. If you need to swap months in 2021, just contact Noel, and we will get it taken care of. The Sunday Night ARES Net will have another addition to the call schedule - Randle Flowers KN4OPZ. Thank you ever much for volunteering. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, President James Hall WB4YDL canceled the Christmas dinner. A make up dinner in early 2021 may be a possibility when everything clears up.

Next Jamie WB4YDL, went around the room and asked everyone what ham radio activities they have been involved in and of any future radio plans.

The highlight of the evening was an excellent presentation by Glenn N4MJ on insurance coverage for your QTH and new tower and antenna installation. He put on a great talk and was enjoyed by all.

At the end of the meeting, there was a drawing for 2 ARRL gift certificates. Benjamin, the young man from Martin, won the $50 certificate, which should help him with some manuals. Noel KJ4UNX won the $25 gift certificate.

Hopefully, we will get to see everyone in January at the Obion County Library in 2021.

RARC Meeting September 24, 2020

The September 24th meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was held via Zoom due to the continuing pandemic. We had ten members in attendance and one newly licensed ham, Patrick Hall KO4HEX. He gave a quick talk about his activities on  2 meters in the Memphis area and checking into the Delta Club weekly nets. Bob and Rose Miles and Steve and Hannah Clayton were new to the Zoom platform, and it was great to see them.

Noel KJ4UNX gave the financial report, then reviewed the old business. We discussed the last meeting’s presentation -the SX-99 project by Jamie WB4YDL. Steve KK4NNH chimed in with his Collins symptoms - popping noise when warming up. We discussed ”silver mica disease,” and possibly trimmer caps in the RF can transformers. Fun stuff to discuss!!

The new business was on the docket next. We remembered Jim Lane KN4F - SK, who passed this past week. We discussed our possible hamfest this next March - the 20th right now - remains to be firmed up. Vendors need to be contacted. Many thanks to Glenn N4MJ for getting in touch with Sgt. Orr. Bob K9IL had the world-famous ”chicken coop” ready to go for the door prizes tonight.

Finally, we let Noel KJ4UNX have the floor and he gave a very informative talk on Parks on the Air program. This is an offshoot of the National Parks on the Air event that occurred back in 2016. Noel has been exercising his new camper and will be activating those parks for points. Great talk, Noel!

Finally, the piece de resistance! With Rose’s assistance, the chicken coop was put into action and ARRL certificates were won by:

Steve KK4NNH - $25
Patrick KO4HEX - $50
Congratulations to both !!

See everyone at the October Zoom meeting ! 73

RARC Meeting August 27, 2020

The August 27th meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Club was held via Zoom once again due to the COVID pandemic. We had six club members in attendance and one guest Trent Flemming. Noel KJ4UNX gave the financial report and reviewed the old business.   New business was next on the docket with the Christmas dinner being the hot topic. The Cottonwood Harvest Grill in Troy and The Blue Oyster (or Oak) in Martin were both mentioned as possible spots.

Jamie WB4YDL gave an outstanding presentation on Boat Anchor Restoration. His newly restored Hallicrafters SX-99 was the jewel of the affair, and man, did it look great ! Next Trent Flemming N4DTF let everyone peek at his stable of awesome Hallicrafters radios. He does an excellent job of reworking/restoring older rigs as well. Very nice collection, Trent. Gene K4MUN even let us look at his Yaesu "twins". They looked great and sound even better.

We had a short Q&A session for Jamie and Trent about boat anchors. I believe all of us learned a little something. That's always good.After the questions we decided to end the meeting. We are not sure if there will be a Zoom meeting or in-person meeting, so stay tuned for info on that.

RARC Meeting June 30, 2020

The regular meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was held online via Zoom. Unfortunately, the Obion County Public Library remains closed to group meetings due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many thanks to Phil N4PWG for hosting the Zoom meeting. Eventually, there were 7 members to attend this meeting. Noel KJ4UNX was late to appear, so there was no formal report of club finances until the very end.

Glenn N4MJ was to have given a presentation featuring a YouTube video on proper installation technique of the typical PL-259 connector on RG8-like coaxial cable. Unfortunately, due to low bandwidth and eventually a power outage at Glenn's QTH, no formal presentation was given. Jamie attempted to pick it up by briefly explaining his technique used over many years and several hundred connectors using a cheap $20 item that slices a circumferential cut on the coax approximately 3/4" back. Harrell asked if crimping was ever used at Jamie's QTH - it was to a limited degree with application of stiff heat shrink and soldered center conductor.

Due to poor attendance by the membership to the Zoom meetings (either members unable or unwilling to attend), other venues will be sought. Phil N4PWG suggested the activity center at Troy Church of Christ as a possible location. It is unclear whether that will improve matters of attendance as the COVID-19 outbreak is still ongoing.

RARC Meeting May 28, 2020

The regular meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was held this month via Zoom online. The Obion Country Library is operating under limited capacity due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Phil N4PWG hosted the meeting then Jamie WB4YDL took over the reins at 6:30 PM to start the session.

After the greetings, video, and mic checks, Noel KJ4UNX gave the financial report and recapped the old business from our last meeting in February.

Jamie started the new business with Field Day activities, antennas, radios, and the station logging/network software we used last year, so no two stations are on the same band and mode at the same time. Food was another topic discussed, so we are going to grill hamburgers, and possibly hot dogs along with side items - this will be addressed as we get closer to the event.

Another hot topic discussed was the Union City repeater. The repeater was getting a little long in the tooth and started having some issues.  Robin WA4YGM installed a new Kenwood Repeater and preamp. It's working wonderfully, and we are getting great reports from Jackson TN, Sikeston MO, and Paducah KY.

Towards the end of the meeting, the group took a few minutes just to catch up with each other,  say hi, and offer some friendly insults. HI HI

Hope to see everyone Thursday night June 25th for radio set up at the Field Day site, then Friday, June 26th, for antenna set up. Then it's game time Saturday, June 27th. There will be a VE testing session on that Saturday morning at 9AM.

RARC Meeting February 27, 2020

President James Hall WB4YDL called the February meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club to order. We had 15 members and one guest, Marshall Walker KN4NOK, in attendance.  We also had two hams join the club, Matt Nicholas KG4LIO, and Jim Needham KO4AWZ.

Noel, KJ4UNX, gave the monthly report of the club finances. Next, he reviewed the group's old business from last month which was mostly about hamfest prep.

The new business was next on the docket. John McMahon, K4JTM health conditions were discussed. He is continuing to recover nicely after suffering a mild heart attack. The Ides of March hamfest was discussed next. The prizes, tables, food, and volunteers were the subjects talked about for the hamfest. Food was discussed in more detail as well as the VIP dinner outing that Friday evening. The idea of starting an electronics question of the night for future meetings could be a specific component or a general electronic discussion. Jamie WB4YDL and Noel KJ4UNX brought a couple of 4SQRP receiver kits that they are working on to show the group. There was a poll recently posted on the club website. Only five people voted but the consensus was to present on "how to do stuff". However, other topics on "how stuff works" and "how to build / fix stuff" still was popular.  So a possible group build using the 4SQRP kits maybe a future project. Steve Clayton KK4NNH brought up the idea of the club having a ”boat anchor” night. Several club members are rebuilding, own and use those old tube hollow-state rigs of yesteryear and it might be fun to show them off and get them on the air.

Officer elections were the next order of business. Jamie Hall was nominated by Phil N4PWG to be reelected as president. The group unanimously agreed. Hannah Clayton was appointed to be reelected as Vice President by Harrell WD4LAR. The group unanimously agreed. Noel Vickers was nominated to be reelected as Secretary/ treasurer by Jamie WB4YDL. The group unanimously agreed. Congratulations to our officers on their reelection.

Noel KJ4UNX brought refreshments for the group. Everyone enjoyed chili with beans, chili without beans, hot dogs, all the trimmings, coconut cake, and chocolate cake.

After the break, Bob K9IL gave a talk on DX'ing, QSL cards, and what DX'ing means to him. It's always fun to listen to "The Master DX Guru" on this favorite subject.

After the talk, Jamie WB4YDL made a motion to adjourn, and Noel KJ4UNX seconded it. I hope we see everyone at the next meeting.  73.

RARC Meeting January 23, 2020

The first scheduled meeting for the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club of 2020 was called to order at 6:30 by our President WB4YDL James Hall. He welcomed 11 club members and 5 visitors. Stacey Bruff has been studying for his Technician license. He came to the meeting to ask some questions and find out more about ham radio. He is planning on taking exam Saturday, February 1st in Paris TN. KN4NOK, Marshall Walker and KN4VGP, Kenneth Graham both from VSARCIN in Carroll County came for more information on starting a club and emergency communication. KG4LIO, Matt Nichols, ARRL Assistant Section Manager for our area was in attendance. K4JTM, John McMahan was our guest speaker for the evening program.

Noel KJ4UNX gave the financial report and reviewed the old business.

New business was discussed next. Hamfest prizes, club membership dues and several questions from our guests were the hot topics this evening.

Rose and Bob Miles furnished the awesome meal. Beef stew, cold cut sandwiches, all the fixings, vegetable tray, drinks and two mouth-watering cakes. Everybody must have enjoyed the banquet because there wasn't much cake or stew left.

John McMahan, K4JTM gave his very informative, and excellent presentation on what DMR is, equipment needed, how to get started in DMR, getting your DMR number, talk rooms, and the other digital modes. After his excellent discussion on this subject, he opened the floor for questions. There were several questions asked even from some of the OT’s in the group. John did an excellent job of answering all of the inquiries on this subject.

After the presentation, Bob K9IL made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Harrell WD4LAR seconded the motion.

Don't forget next month is club officer elections and club dues are due.

Hope to see everyone next month. 73

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