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This section of the web site will recap previous meetings and any discussion that was raised at these meetings or since that time. This will give the membership time to digest what was brought up and then pose any questions, comments, or suggestions. It will also have downloadable files of any pertinent program material presented at these meetings.

RARC Meeting April 27, 2017

The regular scheduled meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was called to order by our president Harrell WD4LAR with 18 members on 4/27/2017 at 6:30 pm. We welcomed a new club member Wayne Rowe KD4MSE to the club. He is a past club member and looking to get active again in the hobby. The treasurer report was given by Noel KJ4UNX and old business was reviewed. Rose W9DHD and Bob K9IL brought refreshments this month for the meeting, and I must say Rose's homemade cookies were awesome.

After refreshments, our president went around the room starting in the back row and asked everyone to answer a couple simple questions. What they thought about the hamfest? What if any ideas or improvements they would like to see in future hamfests ?

There were several great ideas tossed around :

  1. More A.R.E.S. and A.R.R.L forums
  2. Discussions on digital modes and programming newer ham radios
  3. Mail flyers to local high schools and ARRL affiliated clubs. And possibly give awards to the clubs that travel the farthest and the club with most members that show up at the hamfest.
  4. V.O.A.D. discussions
  5. Skywarn, severe weather discussions
  6. The possibility of dropping the HF rig as a grand prize and giving away 3 nice HT's.

Crockett County club said that they are going to give RARC a HT for the first person under 18 to pass the test for their license. New business was discussed by Jamie WB4YDL. Field day prep was the main topic. Radio setup will be on Thursday night prior to the FD weekend at the shop(field day site). The June meeting will be held at the shop. Jamie also has a couple ideas for an experimental antenna for the GOTA station. Bonus points were discussed and possibility of attracting more youth for the youth bonus points. After a lengthy discussion on Field Day possibilities, Jamie made a motion to adjourn. Art WA4EQO seconded the motion. We helped Bob get the remaining refreshments packed up and called it a night.

RARC Meeting March 23, 2017

The regular scheduled meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was called to order by president Harrell WD4LAR with 15 members and 2 guests in attendance. We welcomed Pam Hoffmeyer, Gene KM4MUN's XYL and Larry Newton KI4UNT. We also welcomed 2 new club members Duane KM4VEL and Kathi KN4BJC to the club. The Treasurer's report was given by Noel KJ4UNX and old business was reviewed. Art Anderson WA4EQO made a announcement that Eddie Holmes will be at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Crockett County Club on the second Thursday of April to give his talk on radar since he missed the skywarn class on March 18 due to illness.

Ottis K5BSE and Rhelda Barron N5BSE brought some great refreshments which all in attendance enjoyed. After refreshments Samuel Clayton KK4SJE, gave a short demonstration on a modified 2 meter barber pole. His antenna works great with an HT from his QTH into local repeaters. Harrell WD4LAR made an announcement that TN07 Engineering will be unveiling a new invisible antenna for HOA- restricted homeowners at out hamfest. Art WA4EQO made a motion to adjourn early due to hamfest setup the next day. Dolly KN4SLY and Jamie WB4YDL seconded the motion to adjourn.

RARC Meeting February 23, 2017

The regular scheduled meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was called to order with 12 members and 3 guests in attendance. We welcomed Robert Griggs KG4ZDN, Ryan Ellegood KG4ZDF, and Larry Newton KI4UNT as guests to the meeting. The Treasurer's report was given by Jamie WB4YDL and old business was reviewed. A VE test session was held in South Fulton this past weekend with 6 successful candidates passing the Technician Class license exams. As previously recorded, there will be a Skywarn spotter course held at the Crockett County EMA in Alamo, TN on March 18, 2017 beginning at 10 AM. On March 12th, there will be the annual 2 meter FM Simplex Sprint - see further details at 2M FM Simplex Sprint.

Hamfest preparation is proceeding and finalization of prizes is nearly complete. Multiple details were discussed. Next month's regular RARC meeting will be two days before the hamfest. At this point, we will be short one major vendor due to health reasons. We will need lots of help in the kitchen as that is where we make our money. Mention was made that due to dwindling interest by vendors, and by extension, paying attendees, to small town one day hamfests, that a decision will need to be made as to the viability of continuing the Ides of March hamfest after this year. This will be further discussed after tallying the hamfest later this year. Many thanks to Noel KJ4UNX for providing refreshments for the meeting.

Officer elections were held at this meeting. A quorum was declared present and nominations were opened for the office of Secretary-Treasurer. Jamie WB4YDL nominated Noel KJ4UNX and this nomination was seconded. As there were no further nominations, a voice vote declared Noel the next Secretary-Treasurer. Nominations were then opened for Vice President and Bob K9IL remained as incumbent. No further nominations were made and by voice vote, Bob was declared re-elected as Vice President. Nominations were then opened for President. Jamie WB4YDL nominated Harrell WD4LAR and this nomination was seconded. Michael AK4VU nominated Jamie WB4YDL and Jamie respectfully declined. As there were no further nominations, by voice vote, Harrell WD4LAR was declared our next RARC President. Congratulations to our club officers !!

Harrell WD4LAR then stood to nominate Glenn Snow N4MJ as honorary President Emeritus for his nearly 30 years of excellent leadership as President of Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club. This was enthusiastically seconded and passed.

RARC Meeting January 26, 2017

The regular scheduled meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was called to order with 14 members and 3 guests in attendance. We again welcomed Duane KM4VEL and Ms. Dolores Quinton, both with the VOAD group, and new visitor and new ham Nathan Spencer KM4ZYM from Kenton. The Treasurer's report was given by Jamie WB4YDL and old business was reviewed. The most recent Christmas dinner held at Sassafraz Restaurant was successful and enjoyed by all.

A Skywarn spotter course will be held at the Crockett County EMA, Alamo, TN on March 18, 2017, beginning at 10 AM. The Winter Field Day event will be held this coming weekend from 1 PM Saturday to 1 PM Sunday. Rules can be found at Winter Field Day. The 2017 Ides of March Hamfest will be held on Saturday, March 25th. Glenn N4MJ will not likey be able to attend this year due to family committments. Contacts are being made to vendors and concession help was mentioned. More details to follow.

Mike AK4VU gave a nice presentation on the World Wide Flora and Fauna awards and activities. Now that the ARRL National Parks On The Air has oficially ended, hams are turning their attention to state parks. Take a look at the World Wide Flora & Fauna web site for all the details. Like SOTA, you can be an activator or a chaser.

There will be a VE test session on Saturday, February 18th at the South Fulton Municipal Building, Harvey Vick Room at 10 AM.

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