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DXing with the crowd

Postby n4mj » Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:09 pm

How do I know if a DX station is operating "SPLIT"???

watch the cluster info or listen to the DX frequency. someone will list the split frequency such as UP 5 or UP 1, etc if you don't see it on the cluster just listen to the DX station, he will usually announce it often as UP 5 or listening up 5 to 10. Example: today the ZL8X station was transmitting on 28.4925 Mhz AND listening on 28.4975 Mhz, UP 5 khz.

in-case you don't know what a LID is - LID is an old ham term meaning "bad operator". I don't know why that term, so don't ask. ha Many folks are in the same boat as you and they don't know or understand the split op. They call on the DX stations transmitting frequency, of course he'll never hear them as he is listening up 5 or 10. None-the-less, doing this will NOT endear you in the ham world!!! You will immediately have people yelling UP, UP, UP or UP 5, UP 5 or some such, AND continued calling will result in people calling you a LID.

So beware. watch the cluster and listen to the DX before calling. BTW the DX of which I speak is usually DXpedition type DX. Many DX stations operate simplex - they transmit and receive on the same frequency.
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