ARRL 160 meter CW Contest Dec 3, 4, 5 2010

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ARRL 160 meter CW Contest Dec 3, 4, 5 2010

Postby n4mj » Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:20 am

One of my favorite contests will be one of the two annual 160 meter contests. This coming weekend will find lots of 160 CW activity.

For most of us it will be a one-sided affair, that is, mostly stateside contacts. Those with the big antennas and/or those who live along the coasts will work more DX than the rest of us. There is a slight compensation for all stateside stations with regard to working DX - by gentlemen's agreement there is are a few Khz reserved, more of less, for DX. I believe that is 1.830 Mhz to 1.835 Mhz. Not a lot of space when one considers there will be only a few DX stations and hundreds, if not thousands of statesiders, calling. Of course DX stations are not necessarily bound to that small window but with all the stateside activity it is unlikely they will be heard/worked on the other parts of the band.

160 offers some advantages, and disadvantages, to us all. An advantage is that during these contests 160 is rarely open 24/7. That leaves time for other activities, especially during daylight hours. A disadvantage and challenge that 160 offers is one that has to do with wierd propagation. There are times when a station may be heard but not worked. For whatever reason a station may be LOUD and clear yet contacting him may be futile. I suppose it works the other way around as well. It is most frustrating to hear a 599 signal yet be unable to contact that station. Well, that's just one part of 160 meters challenges.
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