Homebrewing and Antennas

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Homebrewing and Antennas

Postby w4tzx » Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:18 am

Hi everyone,

At a club meeting, Glen discussed a question he was asked. Why are you a ham? I was browsing antenna articles on DX Zone (my online ham library),
when I ran across this article on dipoles. It discusses building a simple dipole as well as what I believe in part being a ham is all about. It is a short
article but brings back reality of ham radio I had the priviledge of being a part of for a short time 35 yrs ago. Kit building and homebrewing was very
popular and rtty was a mechnical device large, heavy and noisy. There was no such thing as a PC, Cell, or Pad. 2 meter repeaters were rare and "new".
We threw a wire in the air and "worked" the world. We looked foward to the lastest QST and CQ. Licenses took several weeks to receive " the mail".
And when our equipment needed repair, we repaired it.
Take a look at the article on dipoles. Read it entirely, then start building! We tend to make things to complex and a trip back to basics is good.
Here is the link; http://www.dxzone.com/cgi-bin/dir/jump2.cgi?ID=4180

Happy building!

Todd w4tzx
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Re: Homebrewing and Antennas

Postby Jamie_WB4YDL » Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:28 pm

Nice article, Todd. I've built many, many of them. And they work great no matter what configuration you have it.

73, Jamie
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