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In the AR world there are contests (long) and there are short contests. Long contests are ones that last 24 hours or more. Sprints are short contests, lasting only a couple of hours.

Of the two contest types Sprints are my favorite. Two hours is about all I want. Some people like long contests; I like short contests. :D

My favorite sprint is one sponsored by NAQCC (North American QRP CW Club).

There are monthly events on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of the month. The change from Tuesday to Wednesday evening varies month to month.

Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec Sprints are held on the second Tuesday evening of the month - (USA time).

Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov Sprints are held on the third Wednesday evening of the month - (USA time). NOTE that times are listed in Z time.

These are CW sprints.
QRPers have, by a gentlemen's agreement, selected parts of the bands to use during the sprints. Below shows the bands and frequencies used.
Bands - Frequencies:
80M - 3555-3565 kHz (Be courteous to FISTS operating on 3558 kHz)
40M - 7030-7045 kHz
20M - 14059-14065 kHz

NAQCCP Sprints begin at 0030Z and last two hours. There are multiple classifications, ie types of antennas used and types of keys used determine which class an operator is classified.

Antennas classification falls in two categories, 1) wire antenna, and 2) gain antenna.

Key classification is broken into 1) straight key (double points), 2) bug (1.5 multiplier), and 3) electronic keyers.

The object of each sprint is to make as many contacts as possible using 5 watts or less during a two hour period. There is a multiplier for the number of states or provinces contacted in addition to the type of key and type antenna used.

Logs may be submitted and results are published shortly after the sprint.

These sprints are a lot of fun and an easy way to learn CW and see how far 5 watts on a wire will carry you.

The August Sprint is scheduled for this coming Tuesday evening at 0030 - 0230Z, that's the 13th by Z time and Tuesday evening 1930 (7:30 PM) local time by our time.

Take a listen and if you interest is piqued join NAQCCP (free). Bands that work best this time of year – 40 and 20 meters. It is intended for fun and the promotion of CW.

Here's a link to the NAQCC website: http://naqcc.info/index.html
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