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Discussion of digital operating modes such as 'sound card' modes such as PSK31, Olivia, RTTY, MFSK16, etc., and the digital HF training net.

New Digital Mode Training Forum

Postby Jamie_WB4YDL » Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:17 am

OK Guys:

By popular demand, here's THE place to discuss or 'ham' out all things concerning digital modes and the forthcoming digital HF training net. 8-)

I'm going to look up net procedures and basically, how to run a digital net, and get that posted. There's LOTS of information on such things with the NBEMS groups. That's where I'll start.

If anyone has a hardware / software problem with their particular radio, post it here and we'll try and get you going.

73, Jamie
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Re: New Digital Mode Training Forum

Postby Stan AA5XO » Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:22 am

For all those new to digital modes, a good place to start is the West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society web site. Click FLDIGI is the EMCOMM standard for broadcast type communications. Of course, FLDIGI can be used to just chat operator to operator and just have fun.

There are many ham radio digital programs. I won't go into those. You can find them by searching on the internet. I would recommend that you start with FLDIGI, get used to that for a few weeks, then if you want to experiment with other programs, you'll have enough experience to be successful.

I am looking forward to a digital net on 80 meters.

Next month's club meeting should be quite informative! I am looking forward to giving the presentation on FLDIGI. Bring a thumb drive or a computer and you can get all the programs you will need. Windows only. For other operating systems, download directly from


Stan AA5XO
Stan AA5XO
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