Digital Interest for club members

Discussion of digital operating modes such as 'sound card' modes such as PSK31, Olivia, RTTY, MFSK16, etc., and the digital HF training net.

Digital Interest for club members

Postby n4mj » Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:41 am

Interest in digital communication continues to grow AND it is fun to work DX with low power via digital modes. Digital has more meaning than just working DX though; it is particularly suited for EMCOMM. It provides an opportunity to try some of the various modes available to AR. Standard modes like RTTY and PSK continue to be very popular but there are other modes that some will enjoy.

Recent discussion within the club and its membership indicates there is an active interest in joining the digital communication modes. This is great news for the club and the AR community.

With this in mind I've asked Todd, K4TZX, to be a focal point for planning, organizing, coordinating, and executing a digital communications program for RARC members. Todd spoke at the last meeting and did a great job explaining the interests in digital. He also asked for members interest in digital and got a very good response.

One of the problems in getting on digital concerns interfacing equipment, software, and a computer. There's plenty of help available within the club, just ask. We aren't always readily available for an eyeball to eyeball conversation however we have plenty of other methods of communications for asking for HELP. This FORUM is one of those methods. Of course we have the Sunday night net, email, telephone and texting available. So, asking for help is a matter of mode choice. The number one choice is this FORUM. When you post a question or concern other club members who may need the same info can easily see and respond to it.

A second problem is learning to use a digital station. It can be intimidating to look at a transceiver tied to a computer using software your not familiar with. To resolve that problem Todd is looking to form a digital net to assist operators in learning how to best use their new digital station. As it stands that net may be on 80 meters. Why 80 m? Members are wide spread and some interests has been shown in 10 meters or other bands. The upper bands have been tried before and found to not be good for such a widely spread group. 80 m offers much better capability for our group, especially in the fall/winter/spring time frame - and we're almost in the fall season. By the time a net frequency is determined it may well be fall.

There are many aspects of digital to learn but with the help of club members we can learn and use this mode to our advantage. I think you will thoroughly enjoy digital once you get set up and begin communicating with it.

Don't be shy about asking questions here on the FORUM, via email, telephone or the Sunday night net.

Just get active and learn...

73 de n4mj
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