August 21 meeting

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August 21 meeting

Postby Noel KJ4UNX » Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:27 pm

Jamie or Glenn:

I was thinking about putting a PSA in the local papers for our August meeting. If this is ok? Maybe even contacting the TV station. I thought this might help draw a little more interest to our hobby and club. Would this be ok with you?

I did notice this weekend that the Messenger and others affiliated together have changed their web site and made it lots easier to read on line. You can read the whole paper now and it goes back a couple weeks or further I believe.

If the idea is fine with you. I think all I may need is a list of activities for the meeting guest speaker, movie, or what is going to be addressed during the meeting. Like Stan is supposed to give a demonstration in Sept. on something. I believe this may help the club out. I don't see where it can hurt it.

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Re: August 21 meeting

Postby Jamie_WB4YDL » Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:04 am


I don't have a problem with that. At this time, however, we do not have a program to announce. :o I know that must be a shock ! I have offered to give a program, but Glenn's got something up his sleave, so I'm going to QRX. You might ask Glenn what the program is - in fact, I'll ask since I have to get something up on the web site.

73, Jamie
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Re: August 21 meeting

Postby Noel KJ4UNX » Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:33 am


First off I guess I should learn to use a calender. The meeting is the 22 and not the 21.

Sounds good. If we can get something together to put in the paper that will work. The lady at the paper likes to have it at least a week before hand so they can do what ever they do. If it does not work out this month Maybe we can get some ideas about next month.

I may just draft something up about the general happenings at a normal meeting. If that would be OK with everyone just to meet their time frame?

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