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We Are Proud Sponsors of the Following Upcoming DXpeditions

Glorioso Island 2024

The Glorieuse archipelago, whose surface area represents approximately 7 km², is made up of the Grande Glorieuse in the southwest (3 km in diameter) where human settlements are located, and the Lys islet in the northeast (600 meters in diameter), Crab Island and Roches Vertes. These islands are just north of Madagascar. Glorioso Island was last on the air in 2009. It is administered as a French possession. This DXpedition will be organized by Marek FH4VVK, presently in Mayotte Island and activation is expected to be in May, 2024. Glorioso Island is ranked #7 on the DX Most Wanted List.


Jarvis Island 2024

Jarvis Island (formerly known as Bunker Island or Bunker's Shoal) is an uninhabited 4.5 km2 (1.7 sq mi) coral island located in the South Pacific Ocean, about halfway between Hawaii and the Cook Islands. Jarvis was last on the air in 1990 and permission to visit has been difficult to obtain. This DXpedition will be organized by Dateline DX Association and activation is expected to be August, 2024. Jarvis Island is ranked #18 on the DX Most Wanted List.


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Recent DXpeditions That WTDXA Sponsored

Clipperton Island 2024

Clipperton Island is a uninhabited French possession in the eastern Pacific Ocean, approximately 1800 miles west of Panama and 1300 miles west of Mexico. It is roughly 2 square miles in area with the remains of a 19th century lighthouse. It was named after the English pirate and mutineer, John Clipperton, who made it his lair in 1705. This DXpedition will be organized by the Perseverance DX Group and activation is expected to be January 18, 2024 and extend to February 2, 2024. Clipperton Island is ranked #38 on the DX Most Wanted List. This expedition racked up approximately 113,ooo QSO's !



Past DXpeditions That WTDXA Was Proud to Have Sponsored

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